Latvijas Dzimtsarakstu nodaļu vadītāji tiekas Daugavpilī

05.04.2014 14:54


19. un 20. septembrī Daugavpilī notiks Latvijas Dzimtsarakstu nodaļu vadītāju seminārs. Semināra atklāšana notiks 19. septembrī plkst. 11.00 Daugavpils Domes telpās.

Kā informēja Daugavpils Dzimtsarakstu nodaļas vadītāja Irēna Folkmane, semināru atklās Daugavpils Domes priekšsēdētāja Rita Strode, Dzimtsarakstu departamenta direktore Ārija Iklāva.

Uzaicināti ir Valsts robežsardzes pārstāvji, lai informētu par imigrācijas jautājumiem, izmaiņām dokumentu noformēšanā. Pārstāvji no Rēzeknes pastāstīs par braucienu uz Īriju, kur Latvijas speciālisti iepazinās ar Īrijas pieredzi.

20. septembrī paredzēta tikšanās ar Ev. Luteriskās baznīcas mācītāju Aivaru Gusevu, viesi apmeklēs muzeju, Daugavpils cietoksni, notiks tikšanās Daugavpils Dzimtsarakstu nodaļā.

Informāciju sagatavoja Daugavpils Domes preses sekretāre L.Korsaka, 5404374

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Автор: Bade
Добавлено: 22.12.2015 20:40

Not to be cliche', but if you are bored in Charlotte then you are prbolbay a boring person. There is more than enough to keep a visitor entertained on a weekday, let alone a weekend. And really, I would even disagree with the 11:13 anon who has gone to "all the places" around the city; the more I explore different parts of town the more I realize that it's beyond any on person to regularly do everything the city has to offer. There are clubs like the Milestone hidden away in random locations, new restaurants constantly opening in Uptown and Dilworth, golf in every corner of the county, indie movies at the Manor and Ballantyne, conventions, an unbeatable pool hall in Elizabeth, events like Live After Five on a regular basis... the list goes on and on.This might not be Miami just yet, but anybody who chooses hotel cable over College Street deserves to be bored.

Автор: Bermand
Добавлено: 22.12.2015 04:43

As a transplant who's only been in the area for 9 years, I can hotlsney say that things have changed tremendously during my time here in Charlotte. Anyone who is under the assumption that there's nothing to do here isn't even trying very hard and would find something "boring" about any other place they've visited. However, here's another take from a visitor's perspective that may expain some things. Most of the events that take place are sprawled throughout the area. Unless your rent a car (which may not be a covered expense for all business people who come here), then you may have to rely on taxis or mass transportation to get you to a number of these events. If you know anything about trying to use public transportation in Charlotte, then you know it can be daunting to say the least. It's possible to see why business tourists who might possibly stay in one area be limited to the activities that are available in that area. That could make things a little stale...

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